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Moon Lake Outfitters - British Columbia

Moon Lake Outfitters area is located West of Atlin Lake and East of Primrose River with the Yukon border being our Northern boundary and the Alaska border our South West boundary.

Moon Lake Outfitters - British ColumbiaThe hunting concession and our exclusive guiding rights, cover 2000 square miles or 5000 km2 and has numerous lakes throughout. The Alaskan Coastal Mountains and the Head Waters of the Yukon River protect this wilderness oasis where few people venture anymore. You will not find roads, logging or mining in this hunting area. This geographical part of the world is best known for the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 and the Chilkoot Trail where thousands of stampeders hiked from the Alaskan port of Skagway, up and over the Coastal Mountains on their quest for the Klondike Gold Fields by Dawson City, Yukon Territory. The gold seekers are long gone and the wilderness here remains untouched and pristine due to its remoteness and minimal access.

Moon Lake Outfitters - British Columbia

There are 29 lakes on which are accessible by float plane. Most of our 7 cabin camps are on these lakes but some are also reachable via snowmobile or boat, depending on the season. All our comfortable cabin camps are heated with wood stoves and have propane lights, cook stoves, foam mattresses and some have heated shower houses. From our camps, there are extensive networks of trails that we maintain and improve every year.


Moon Lake Outfitters - British Columbia

One of the main base camps consists of several well kept log buildings located on a beautiful, remote bay on Tagish Lake surrounded by green lawn and berry bushes.

Sitting by the fire pit in a cedar lawn chair, watching sheep on the mountain and hearing a ruffed grouse drumming is our idea of winding down after a day of great hunting. It is absolute paradise and you need to experience it firsthand.

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