Grizzly & Black Bear Hunts

Grizzly Bear

Moon Lake Outfitters - British ColumbiaThere are many Grizzly Bears in this area travelling to and from the Alaskan Coast and subsequently can be bigger than the typical Interior Grizzly Bear. Boars can get up to 8.5 feet and sometimes even bigger. The best chance to connect with one of these impressive animals is during our Spring Bear hunt, at the end of May, when the big boars are moving around lots looking for mates, or combined with a moose hunt in the Fall when grizzlies are encountered looking for food throughout the area.  We hunt by boat, on foot or with all terrain vehicles in pre scouted areas.


Moon Lake Outfitters - British Columbia

Black Bear

Black bears are plentiful throughout the area and are hunted in the Spring together with Wolf or Grizzly or during the Fall hunts as an add on trophy from September 1st. Hunters may carry two Black Bear Tags and we use the spot and stalk method. We do not hunt over bait. We have a very high success rate and Spring Bear hunting from our base camp on Tagish Lake is a really nice and comfortable adventure, with lots of country to explore and hillsides to glass. The Spring Bear hunt takes place in May and the very beginning of June to ensure that the ice is gone off the big lakes and that the hair on the bears is still prime. The bears vary in color from plain black, brown phased or cinnamon and we hunt by boat, on foot or with all terrain vehicles.


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