Big Game Hunt Information

Our Sheep and Goat hunts are 10 days and start on the first of August. The Caribou and Moose seasons open on the 15th and 20th of August, and the Black Bear and Grizzly Bear season opens the 1st of September. Our main hunting schedule wraps up around the 20th  October. All hunts can be booked as single species or as a combination/mixed bag hunt on a harvest fee basis. If you choose a mixed bag hunt it is important to remember that if presented you should not pass up on a good trophy just because it's not you first choice.

Our outfitting area is quite well balanced in terms of predators versus pray, however, we strongly suggest to harvest black bears and wolves if the opportunity presents itself. Black Bears hunt Moose calves in the Spring and Wolves hunt Moose, Sheep, and Caribou all year long. Harvesting Black Bears and Wolves is an important part of our game management plan. We are also offer Spring Bear Hunts for Black Bear and Grizzly.


Our Hunting Year


Winter and Spring Hunts

May 18- May 25 Black Bear, Grizzly and Wolf

May 27- June 3

Black Bear, Grizzly and Wolf
June 5- June 12 Black Bear, Grizzly and Wolf

Summer Holidays/Fishing


Fall Hunts

July 31 - August 9 Sheep and Goat
August 11- August 20 Sheep and Goat
August 26 - September 4  Sheep, Goat and Caribou
September 6 - Sept. 15 Sheep, Goat, Caribou and Bears
September 17 - September 26 Moose, Caribou, Goat and Bears
September 28 - October 7 Moose, Caribou, Goat and Bears
October 9 - October 18 Moose, Caribou, Goat and Bears


Hunter's Information

All our hunts originate in Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon Territory and home to a mere 25,000 people. Whitehorse has an International Airport with weekly flights from Zurich and Frankfurt as well as domestic flights from Vancouver and Calgary as well as. In order to bring your gun to Canada, you will need to fill out a Canadian Non Resident Fire Arms Declaration before arriving at Canada Customs. This form must be signed in front of a Canadian Custom's Officer.

We will make hotel reservations in Whitehorse on your behalf as you must arrive in Whitehorse one day before transfer to camp. This allows some time to recover any delayed luggage, guns etc and sort and organize gear. The maximum weight that you can bring to camp, due to float plane capacity limitations, is 70 lbs or 32 kg. Hunting gear must be packed in 2 soft duffel bags, see equipment list below. We have duffel bags to lend to you, should you not have your own. Gun cases and hard suitcases will be stored at the hotel for the duration of your hunt.

On camp transfer morning we will meet you and take you to the float plane dock for your flight into camp or take you to into the hunting area by boat. Your actual hunt will start the day after your arrival in one of our remote camps.



The weather in the North can be unpredictable and very local, but changes fast. It is important to remember that if it is too windy or cloudy, the small float planes that we depend on for transportation in and out of our hunting camps, cannot fly. Please make sure that you book your airline tickets with travel insurance and flexibility, should we not be able to fly you out from camp due to weather issues.

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Average Monthly Temperatures - British Columbia Hunting


Equipment List

We have put together an equipment list of essential gear that you will need on your hunt.  Good boots are essential and an important thing to remember is to only have quiet materials for your jacket, pants, rain gear and back pack. If you are not able to walk and stalk quietly, your and your guide's hunting efforts are at risk. Please purchase soft and warm fleece and wool layers in camouflage patterns. Rain gear must be as quiet and water proof as possible. We have found that Helly Hansen makes a quiet, stretchy, tough and water proof rain jacket and pant set in an olive green color.
If you need help with finding the right gear before your trip, please give us a call.

Equipment List »


Trophy Care

After you harvest each trophy, we make sure to take the time to properly prepare the trophy and take care of the meat. All trophies will be professionally salted and cleaned to the state that they will be ready for crating/shipping or taxidermy. Crating, shipping and taxidermy fees are at the hunter's expense. Meat will be used in camp or donated to the local communities.



Since good memories are enhanced by great photos, it is very important to take as many good pictures as possible of your hunting trip. We are dedicated to documenting your hunt and want to ensure that your trophy and field photos are of the highest standards.

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