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Moon Lake Outfitters Ltd. is owned and operated by Hanna Buchanan and family. The Buchanan family has the big game guiding and hunting experience to bring you a hunting adventure you will never forget. Scott Fontaine is field manager and chief guide.

Scott Fontaine

Scott Fontaine’s guiding career started in 1987 at the age of 19, in Northern British Columbia.  The challenges of putting his clients onto the game they sought, and the remoteness of the North drew him back each season.

His passion for the industry grew and a decision was made to pursue guiding and ultimately Outfitting on a full time basis.  The season was then extended each year to include Whitetail hunts through the month of November, winter Cougar and Predator hunts, as well as guiding Spring Grizzly and Black bear hunters in southern British Columbia.

An opportunity to assist in the operations of a Yukon outfit presented itself in 1996 and Scott eventually became the Field Manager and Outfitter for the company.  He enjoyed the added challenges and responsibilities of the position, which lead to the purchase of his own Guide territory in Southern British Columbia in 2010.

Scott will continue to operate his southern area for Spring bear and Cougar hunts, as well as hold the position of Operations manager for Moon Lake Outfitters.  His ongoing passion and dedication to the industry in combination with a strong work ethic and organizational skills will contribute to the client’s success.


Shane Buchanan (Dec 11, 1972- June 13, 2013)

"No dream was too big in a land larger than life for a man larger than life"

Born and raised in Canada’s North, Shane Buchanan guided all over the Yukon, NWT and Northern BC, hunted his whole life (he went on his first sheep hunt at age 5) and spent his early years on a trapline.

Moon Lake Outfitters - British ColumbiaShane grew up in family of hunters and entrepreneurs within a few miles of our outfitting concession in the small community of Carcross, historically known as Caribou Crossing. Shane was a pilot as well as a second generation professional taxidermist and owner of the Whitehorse based, business Northfork Taxidermy. After operating Ruby Range Outfitters from 1999-2002, Hanna and Shane acheived their dream of having their own hunting area with the purchase of Moon Lake Outfitters in 2008.  He is the proud father of Axel (2001) and Oskar (2003), two boys who share their fathers humour, smile and love of the outdoors.


Shane was a brilliant storyteller with an incomparable sense of humour.  He made friends easily with his smile, laugh and solid approach to every situation and was one of the funniest people we have all known.  Shane was a mentor, entertainer and the sturdiest of shoulders to lean on.  His calm and his assessment of any matter were reassuring to the many who sought his advice.  He lent his time without hesitation, the first to help and the last to leave.

Were a million words will never fully describe one can only conlude that Shane was simply "The Best".


Moon Lake Outfitters - British Columbia

Our Guides

Our hunting guides and camp helpers are professional, personable and knowledgeable in all the northern species that we hunt and are here to make your hunt a memorable experience. They love hunting and will do everything to find your trophy while making sure you are having a great time as well.

The Buchanan Family, Scott Fontaine as well as our professional hunting guides look forward to sharing their lifestyle with you while on the trail in pursuit of your next trophy animal. Come and explore the mountains with us!



Welcome to Moon Lake Outfitters, your professional Big Game Guide and Outfitter in Northwest British Columbia, the premier hunting destination in Canada. We offer quality trophy hunts for the following North American Big Game:

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